Sunday, March 5, 2017

Chromebook Plus

I purchased a Chromebook early in the history of Chromebooks. I have since received a couple more...they seem to collect. I guess they aren't for everyone.

I decided to get a  Samsung Chromebook Plus. My initial plan was to wait for the Pro...just have to have the fastest version.  After reading some reviews, I don't think the Pro will be the best device for me. While it runs Chrome faster, it doesn't do as well with Android apps.

My plan is to replace both of my tablets and my Chromebook with a single device.

I've see a number of the reviewers post Octane numbers for the Pro and the Plus. I decided to compare those results with my current devices. As expected my old Surface Pro 3 is the fastest. And my old Chromebook was the slowest.

I was kind of surprised that even the Plus is faster than any of my current Android devices.

Performance Numbers
Surface Pro 323,256
Chromebook Pro20,780
Chromebook Plus9,400
Pixel XL8,893
Pixel C8,312
Nexus 97,469
Samsung Chrombook XE3036,315

Why is the Plus better for Android apps? It's actually fairly easy to figure out. Most Android devices use an ARM processor. This is the same processor as the Plus. Because the Plus has an ARM processor Android apps can run as is. The Pro uses an Intel processor. In order for it to run Android apps, there is a layer introduced to emulate the ARM processor. This slows Android apps.

So far I happy with the Plus. It might be a little large for tablet use, but it seems to work very well and I like how it feels.