Monday, April 6, 2015

Noteslate Shiro - a different kind of tablet

Noteslate LogoI've been following an interesting project out of the Czech Republic for a long time.  In it's most basic sense this project has been to create a tablet that you can draw on, save the page, clear, and create another.

In many ways the +Noteslate tablet is the Kindle of tablets.  It's been boiled down to it's most basic functionality.  It can be used for taking notes, storing reference information, and more.  You won't be browsing the web, checking email, or playing +Ingress on it however.

The design is based on an eInk display and uses a stylus for input.

I've watched the web site go through many incarnations.  It is very simple right now, in fact it really just lets you sign up to be notified when they will be accepting pre-orders.

It kind of reminds be of those boards we had as kids...the ones you could draw on then pull the plastic cover up and erase everything.  Except this one remembers.

I'm on the list and I'll post again when I get more information.

What are your thoughts?