Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Project Ara - ATAP - PhoneBlocks

What is Project Ara?  The idea is simple.  Design a customizable phone platform that is low in cost and can be used by a variety of people in any location in the world.  A phone for the unconnected people of the world.

Google would like to offer this phone starting at about $50.  While they may not be able to hit that, I think they will be able to get close.

In 2013 a design movement was started called PhoneBlocks.  The idea was to have a phone that was a platform instead of a simple device.  There would be a base with modules that plug in.  You would have modules for the display, CPU, storage, battery, camera, etc.  All of this would be an open platform allowing anyone to manufacture modules.

If you wanted to do some gaming, you could mount up a high resolution display and fast CPU.  If you wanted longer battery life you could put on a lower resolution display, remove the GPS and Wi-Fi modules and mount an extra battery.  And, you could make these changes whenever you'd like.

This is the idea behind Project Ara.

Working prototypes are expected next month.  I'll be attending the Project Ara Developers Conference next week to see what's going on with this project.