Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Project Ara - ATAP - PhoneBlocks

What is Project Ara?  The idea is simple.  Design a customizable phone platform that is low in cost and can be used by a variety of people in any location in the world.  A phone for the unconnected people of the world.

Google would like to offer this phone starting at about $50.  While they may not be able to hit that, I think they will be able to get close.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thermal Imager for Android

Many people were very excited to see FLIR release a thermal imager for the iPhone.  I think it is a great step in a good direction.  And, for $350 you can't go wrong.  It's a major reduction in price for a thermal imager.

As an Android phone owner, it doesn't get me that excited.  Luckily, FLIR isn't the only company making such devices.

MicroView - Arduino with Display

MicroView is  a small OLED display with an Arduino chip built in.

Gauges, like this gauge showing the reading of a Light Sensor are easy to display with 2 lines of Arduino™ Code.

In the picture above you see the device on it's programming module, this module isn't required when running.

The specs are good for a device of this size, the display is 64x48 pixels of OLED goodness and it's running the Atmega 328P.  They are providing a library for interacting with the display, including the gauge control you see in the example image.

Check out their Kickstarter project for more info.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Codenvy - Writing Code in the Cloud

For a while now I've wanted to develop an app using the Google App Engine.  This mostly comes from my frustration with the Microsoft platform, their support, and pricing models.

When I first started playing with App Engine I setup the development environment on my local computer and did some learning.  Then, I found myself at a different computer and was stuck.  I couldn't get to my project.  That's when I started looking at cloud-based IDE solutions.

I came across Codenvy.  It has a nice IDE, the editor works well, it builds on their servers and lets you test your project without having to upload it to the App Engine servers.  It also connects to a GIT server so I can use it with BitBucket and Jira.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lenovo Helix

Lenovo has announced the release of the Helix a new approach towards a hybrid Ultrabook.  Will it work?  Learn more after the jump...